How does The Board Matching platform work?

If you're a startup or SME looking for board or advisory board members, don't miss out on our affordable match-making service!

  1. Fill in our initial survey to help you identify your company’s needs

    You will be then contacted by one of our board specialists. We’ll schedule with you a first 30-min introduction call within the next 10 days to discuss in more detail your needs. Take this opportunity to get professional advice on how to build or reinforce your board.

  2. Our team will scout the best possible match for your company

    Through our accredited Board Members database, we’ll identify potential candidates and inform them about your company needs. They will have 72 hours to reply should they accept to be put in contact with your company.

  3. Receive detailed profiles of potential Board Members for your company

    You will receive the LinkedIn profiles and direct emails of the accredited Board Members interested in joining your company’s board.

How it works

What is a Board of Director?

The board of directors is the supreme supervisory and organizational body of a company.

The board members are subject to fiduciary duties, which obligate them to act in the best interest of the company. In Switzerland, board members have a personal liability.

Why should you need external and independent board members?

Being a board member is a different role than being a founder or CEO of a company. In Switzerland, the role of board members is getting increasingly complex and difficult. You bear the full responsibility of the company.

Why is it more difficult to sit on the board of startups?

Often, it is more complex to serve as board members of a startup, scaleup of SME than large corporations. You have less resources than big firms, you have to deal with risks that are potential killers for the company, you have to bring skills and knowledge that are not yet inside the company.

Why do startups need a strong board?

Because the role of founder and member of the management team is incredibly demanding. Independent board members or advisors can help you to accelerate and avoid typical pitfalls. Startups with experienced board members will be more resilient and have a higher chance to perform. A strong board will help you to attract investors.

What is the right composition of Board?

This will change over time and depends on the phase of the company. But what is important is the right balance between founders,  investors representatives and independent members. The chairperson will play a crucial role and his/her professionalism will be key to the success of the company.

Diversity is very important, this is not just about genders but it is about the right panel of diverse generations, skills, backgrounds, experiences, in order to cover your blind spots!

How do we help startups, scale-ups and SMEs find board members?

  • We start with an initial assessment of the Board to identify with you the causes and effects of the challenges
  • Leveraging on our experience, we develop with you a set of recommendations to improve the efficiency of your board
  • Together we define an action plan and we agree how we can best accompany you in the implementation process

Why choose to use the Board Matching platform when looking for a new or first board member?

  • We are active Board Members of SMEs and startups and have a deep understanding of your challenges with more than 30 years of Board experience
  • We have 100+ company case studies from which to extract ideas and lessons learned. We work in a flexible and entrepreneurial way

Is there a fee for startups or SMEs looking to find accredited board members via our platform?

  • Startups, scale-ups and SMEs up to 10 staff, pay a flat fee of CHF 500.- for a matching search with up to 4 proposed accredited members.
  • Startups, scale-ups and SMEs more than 10 staff, pay a flat fee of CHF 1’000.- for a matching search with up to 4 proposed accredited members.
  • If needed, additional member proposals can be provided for a fee of CHF 200.-  per member proposed.

How to become an accredited board member on the platform?

  • Apply to our Startup Board Academy training program
  • Get approved by the selection committee to the Startup Board Academy training program
  • Successfully complete the four half days of training
  • Get accredited through an assessment conducted by our senior board experts
  • Activate your membership on the Board Matching Switzerland platform
  • The yearly membership fee for accredited board members to be listed on our database and included in searches is CHF 500.-

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