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Outstanding Boards for Successful Startups

Through this platform, innovative startups and SMEs can assess their needs and identify the most qualified experts to join their Board, or Advisory Board. Accredited Board members can further improve their skills with exclusive and curated content as well as customized training. This platform leverages the extensive experience of EPFL Innovation Park and Startup Campus with thousands of startups.


Startups & SMEs

This matching platform will help you find Accredited Board Members. There are many reasons why you need to have a performing Board or Advisory Board:

  • Set up strong governance
  • Bring the right skills and experience at the right time
  • Help you to assess pitfalls and risk for your company
  • Understand the roles and duties of your stakeholders

Assess your needs and reinforce your Board!


Board Members

Only Accredited Board Members who successfully completed the Fast Track Board Academy by EPFL Innovation Park or Startup Campus can be profiled on the platform. The yearly membership fee is CHF 500.- If you are an experienced and successful Board Member, but not yet accredited for this platform, then find out more below.



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Find Board Members

Specific skills and experiences are required at various stages such as: fund-raising, internationalisation, negotiation, network, finance. Get the right advisors and Board Members.

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Startups & SMEs

We have developed a series of interactive, real-life experience courses for Board Members of innovative startups and SME’s. Our trainers have extensive experience with successful companies.

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Expert Services

Our experts can help you better assess and optimize your Board performance. Contact them when going through challenging situations or anticipating changes.

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