A unique matching platform

for startups and scale-ups to find senior and experienced board members

For Startups & Scale-ups

This matching platform will help you find Accredited Board Members. There are many reasons why you need to have a performing Board or Advisory Board:

  • Set up strong governance for your growing business
  • Bring the right skills and experience at the right time
  • Help you to assess pitfalls and risk for your company
  • Understand the roles and duties of your stakeholders

For Board Members

Board Matching platform will put you in contact with startups, scale-ups and SMEs that need your experience, skills or seniority:

  • Get a privileged access to our ecosystem of startup and fast growing companies in Switzerland
  • Find tailor-made matches
  • Access special events
  • Get discount on continuous Board education programs

It's never too early to start building a strong and performing board

Through our platform, get access to over 150 experienced board members with hands-on experience in Swiss-based non-executive boards and advisory boards. Starting fee of CHF 500.- for a matching search with up to 4 proposed accredited members.

How it works

Board Matching provides members from all industry sectors with experience in the different phases of a company.

Should you search for a board member coming with entrepreneurial experience, a business angel investor background or a senior executive corporate profile, we have what you are looking for. All startups and scale-ups who used our services were amazed by the seniority of our members. All our members have completed the Startup Board Member Academy.

This ensures our pool of board members do understand clearly the duties and liabilities of being a board member in Switzerland. Even better, they are fully aware of the special challenges that it takes to be a board member on a small company’s board.

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Board Matching Switzerland

offers to startups, scale-ups and high-tech SMEs a privileged access to a pool of amazing talents.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do we help startups, scale-ups and SMEs find board members?
    • We start with an initial assessment of the Board to identify with you the causes and effects of the challenges
    • Leveraging on our experience, we develop with you a set of recommendations to improve the efficiency of your board
    • Together we define an action plan and we agree how we can best accompany you in the implementation process
  • Why choose to use the Board Matching platform when looking for a new or first board member?
    • We are active Board Members of SMEs and startups and have a deep understanding of your challenges with more than 30 years of Board experience
    • We have 100+ company case studies from which to extract ideas and lessons learned. We work in a flexible and entrepreneurial way

How to become an accredited board member

  • Apply to our Startup Board Academy training program
  • Get approved by the selection committee to the Startup Board Academy training program
  • Successfully complete the four half days of training
  • Get accredited through an assessment conducted by our senior board experts
  • Activate your membership on the Board Matching Switzerland platform
  • The yearly membership fee for accredited board members to be listed in our database is CHF 500.-

Expert Corner

Start-up governance in Switzerland practical guidelines for founders and board members small

Start-up governance in Switzerland

Practical guidelines for founders and board members

Steering a start-up is like driving a race car. Legally speaking, the board of directors is in the driver's seat. With the right crew as board members and management team, working together smoothly, you will significantly increase your chances of crossing the finish line. Enjoy the ride!

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Étude BDO des conseils d’administration

Dr. Heiko Bergmann & Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller, de BDO SA

This study looks at what is the remuneration for a board member in small and medium organisations, the structure and competences of a board and what makes a strong board

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Why cyber security is a strategic topic for Boards?

Marie de Fréminville

Cybersecurity and data privacy are among the risks that must be overseen by the board. Board members and managing directors can be held responsible if they have not taken steps to protect the information systems and personal data collected by the company.

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Find Board Members


Find Board Members

Specific skills and experiences are required at various stages such as: fund-raising, internationalisation, negotiation, network, finance. Get the right advisors and Board Members.

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Find Board Members

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Get accredited and listed as a professional Board Member on our platform after completing our training and certification program.

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Our experts can help you better assess and optimize your Board performance. Contact them when going through challenging situations or anticipating changes.

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Board Experts

Virginie Verdon

Virginie Verdon

Board Member & Advisor

Virginie is sitting on startup, SME and public owner companies’ boards since more than 10 years. Acting as independent or investor representative non-executive Board Member, Virginie has an extensive experience as chairperson. Driven by her passion for board governance, she is advising boards and chairpersons, conducting board assessments and helping boards improve their performance.

Jean de Wolff

Jean de Wolff

Board Member & Advisor

Jean de Wolff is currently serving on several hi-tech companies’ boards. Throughout his career he participated as Board Member in the successful exit of several companies, but also in the liquidation of two startups. He has learned from those experiences the importance of having the most adequate profiles, but also the most committed Board Members governing startups. He has developed an expertise in risk management and good practice for Board Members of startups. 

Jean-Marc Wismer

Jean-Marc Wismer

Board Member & C-Level Executive

Jean-Marc has been active as advisor and director on various boards of directors for high-technology startups for over 15 years. He is keen on helping boards composed of a variety of members representing diverse interests to align on the company vision and objectives, to identify and track key risks, success factors and indicators, and to find the right balance between strategic and operational discussions, as well as provide maximum value to operating management.

Brigitte Baumann

Brigitte Baumann

Board Member & C-Level Executive

Brigitte Baumann is the founder and chairperson of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing. In November 2016, Brigitte was listed in Europe’s TOP 50 most influential women in the startup and venture capital space and TOP women in FinTech. In 2015, EBAN (The European trade association for Business Angels and Seed Funds) named her European Investor of the Year. She is President Emeritus of EBAN and past Chair of the Young President’s Organisation.