The chairman/majority shareholder cannot be reached

The company Earth SA has been co-founded by 2 associates: Mr. Tulip with 45% who is running the operations and acting as CEO and Mr. Marigold with 55% who is sitting on the board as chairman and sole board member.

The change of position of the founder

The company Geoengineering SA is owned 85% by a majority shareholder, Mr Batteri and by 3 other shareholders 5%, who have each a sit on the board. Mr Batteri is acting as CEO and board member.

How to manage a company with a charismatic chairman?

Mr. Uranus, 65 years old, founded the company Sky SA 20 years ago. He was very successful and sold it to a large group, Solar System Ltd. Thanks to this operation, he decided to invest in a new project 3 years ago and became majority shareholder of Star Ltd., a company created with some friends of him and external investors.