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Specific skills and experiences are required at various stages such as fund-raising, internationalisation, negotiation, network, finance. Get the right advisors and Board Members.

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We have developed a series of interactive, real-life experience courses for Board Members of innovative startups and SMEs. Our trainers have extensive experience with successful companies.

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  • Are you a Chairperson of the Board for the first time or does your board need to become more professional?
  • Is the board going through major changes including in board composition?
  • Is the company entering a new phase that will impact the Board? (e.g. change in strategy, entry of new shareholders, new CEO, exit process, etc.)
Then we are the sparring partners for you.   How can we help?
  • We start with an initial assessment of the Board to identify with you the causes and effects of the challenges.
  • Leveraging on our experience,  we develop with you a set of recommendations to improve the efficiency of your board.
  • Together we define an action plan and we agree how we can best accompany you in the implementation process.
Why people choose us?
  • We are active Board Members of SMEs and startups and have a deep understanding of your challenges with more than 30 years of Board experience.
  • We have 100+ company cases studies from which to extract ideas and lessons learned.
  • We work in a flexible and entrepreneurial way.

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